Hello I am Jennifer Black, the owner of VanityRose Rooted Skin Deep. I am licensed and postoperative certified in the State of Missouri since 2019.


After visiting a post op recovery center in Atlanta one summer, I knew I wanted to learn all I could about lymphatic drainage massages and why it's something that is recommended after having surgery. 

When I returned home I decided to quit my full time job after 15 years and go back to school full time. Once I graduated and took my start board test I knew my next step was to open a postoperative center here in St. Louis.

What I didn't know was how hard it would be to get the surgeons in the midwest to understand how helpful and necessary the lymphatic drainage massages are to patients after having liposuction.

After a year of running around setting up informational meetings, offering free services, and  advertising on social media people started to heard me loud and clear.

VanityRose is the very first postoperative recovery center in the St. Louis region. We thrive on helping clients heal properly after having cosmetic surgery.

Our clients have told us plenty of times that their appointments feel like a home away from home. Customers enjoy the calm and relaxing atmosphere we offer here.


After every customer, all beds, and tools (if needed) are disinfected and/or sterilized. It is important that clients know that sanitation is the number one priority here at VanityRose.

Being a business owner has its ups and downs, but like I tell my two boys "giving up is not an option!"