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From left to right:

Clinique Peterson, Monique White, Jennifer Black, Jennifer Cunningham, Patrice Love

CLINIQUE PETERSON is our front desk receptionist. Clinique greets every client at the door or over the phone. She will answer all questions any client may have and book any appointment needed.

MONIQUE WHITE is licensed in Aesthetics and massage therapy. Monique is trained and certified in lymphatic drainage massages. She specializes in deep tissue massages.

JENNIFER BLACK is the owner of VanityRoseRSD. Read more about her story here.

JENNIFER CUNNIGHAM is licensed in cosmetology and aesthetics. Jennifer had fully completed a postoperative training program where she received her certificate post-op care

PATRICE LOVEis certified in lymphatic drainage massages. Patrice fully completed a postoperative training program where she received her certificate in post op care.



Becoming an esthetician was a great decision in my life. I have grown and learned so much about this treading industry. The important thing I have learned is every individual is different, so I handle each client differently. No two people can say that they had the exact experience.

My clients have told me plenty of times that their appointments feel like a home away from home. Customers enjoy the calm and relaxing atmosphere of the spa. After every customer, all beds, equipment, and tools are disinfected and/or sterilized. It is important that my clients know that sanitation is the number one priority here at VanityRose.

Being a business owner has its ups and downs, but like I tell my two boys "giving up is not an option!"

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Why I Became an Esthetician


Hello I am Jennifer Black, the owner of VanityRose Rooted Skin Deep. Licensed in the State of Missouri since 2019. I decided to get into the beauty & health industry after being a certified lash artist since 2016. I wanted to grow my business and offer many different skin care services to my clients. I provide all the best products and services for my clients. I do not take any shortcuts. I have learned so much about the body and skin that I just love to share information with all my clients and students. When customers come in for the first time I want them to experience something very different. I want them to leave with a memory that they want to share with others in a great way.

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A home away from home.

Calm and relaxing atmosphere

Disinfected and/or sterilized beds, equipment, and tools.